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Heritage Compounding Pharmacy

General Information


Job title: Pharmacy Technician
Job location: Mobile, AL 36606 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 04/17/13
Job type: Full-Time

Job Classification

Job Category:Pharmacy Technician

Job Description

Job description:
Purpose: Operates under the direction of a licensed pharmacist to carry out routine activities in a pharmacy.

Job Duties:

1) Verifying that incoming prescriptions and refilling requests are in order.

2) Supplying patients with correct medication as per their prescription.

3) Combining or mixing pharmaceutical substances as per the prescription.

4) Measuring and filling medication containers, as well as correctly labeling them.

5) Generating bills for supplies and filing necessary documentation.

6) Ensuring that drugs are stored in suitable conditions.

7) Maintaining patient records.

8) Managing inventory and placing timely orders.

9) Processing medical insurance forms.

10) Delivering supplies to patients and medical care facilities.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) A wide knowledge of medical terms and the etymology of medical substances.

2) Technician must be highly disciplined and methodical to ensure that work is carried out accurately.

3) Good communication skills to interact with suppliers, doctors and a wide variety of patients and to carefully follow written instructions.

4) Superior mathematical skills are essential as a Pharmacy Technician measures, counts and weighs medical substances on a regular basis.

5) Computer skills are important - pharmacy technicians use computers to print medication labels and bills, do reference on medical terminology, maintain patient profiles, and manage inventory.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Educational Qualifications and Experience:

1) A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree or Diploma in Pharmacy Technology or a related subject is preferred.

2) 2-3 years experience preferred.

3) Qualified as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) is required.
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